5 in 1 Photography Light Reflector 110 cm

5 in 1 Photography Light Reflector 110 cm

$ 23.87

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5 in 1 Photography Light Reflector 110 cm

$ 23.87

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43″/110cm 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector with Bag

Meet Different Photography Needs for Photography Photo Studio Lighting & Outdoor Lighting

    • Translucent Panel with 4 Color Cover can help increase Photography creation.


  • Durable and flexible steel spring frame insures easy spreading and closing
    • Translucent Panel: Used as a diffuser. It is usually held directly above the subject to soften the sun’s natural light.


    • Silver Cover: Very reflective and brighten both shadows and highlights but does not change the color of the available light.


    • Gold Cover: Work basically the same way while adding a warmer color to the image.


    • White Cover: Brighten up the shadows to produce a softer light. It is not as bright as the silver side so you can get closer to your subject.


    • Black Cover: Subtract light and create shadows in certain areas.







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