5 in 1 Photography Light Reflector 80 cm

5 in 1 Photography Light Reflector 80 cm

BHD 7.500

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5 in 1 Photography Light Reflector 80 cm

BHD 7.500

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Product Description

Color: Translucent, Silver, Gold, White and Black
Size:32inches/ 80cm
Foldable Size: 11.4inches/ 29cm

Lighting Reflector help a photographer capture photo even under bad and average lighting
conditions. This essential reflector is made of High-Quality and Raised Grain cloth and Strong
and flexible steel frame. Come with convenient zippered pouch for travel or studio.

The 5 in 1 diffuser provides 5 different surfaces, each of which has a different function in
photography lighting.

Silver Cover: Increase the highlights and in turn yield an image with higher contrast. Great
for videos, black and white photography, and product shoots.
Gold Cover: Produces a warm golden glow that looks very natural.
Perfect for either indoor portraits or sunsets.
Black Cover: Block light. It is also used in situations when the photographer wants to reduce
the amount of light.
White Cover: Produce an even and neutral-colored bounce light that will work perfectly as a
source of fill light.
Translucent Panel: Used to diffuse light in order to produce a broad source of light with a
soft effect.

1x 5 in 1 Light Reflector
1x Carrying Bag

● Multi Disc Reflector : Start with Translucent Panel to diffuse light, white cover brighten up the shadows to produce a softer light. Silver cover provide Neutral & Strong Light reflection. Black cover creates a shadow by blocking light. Gold cover for warm fill light.
● Durable Material: Made of High-Quality and Raised Grain cloth. Strong and flexible steel frame, photo light reflector can be easily folds down to 1/3 its open size.
● Great versatility: Five applications in one product, suitable for portrait, wedding, newborn, food, product any studio and outdoor photography.
● Carrying Bag : Come with 11.4 inches Durable convenient zippered pouch for travel, on location. Ideal for studio, home, outdoor photography.
● 5 in 1 Light Reflector Kit includes: 1x Translucent Panel with 4 Covers (Silver, Gold, White and Black), 1x Photography Reflector Clamp Holder.

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