multi-functional automatic pouch chocolatechip/food/nut/sugar/bean triangle candy packing machine

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Product Overview

K-301DAA Automatic Triangle Bag Packing Machine is suitable for packing granule product ,such as puffed food,nut,peanuts,melon seeds,candy,bean,grains,etc.
Our machine are widely using in food, beverage, condiments, medicine, daily chemical and hardware industry.

Applicable to packing puffing snacks, granules, tea, toys, powder, liquid, sauce, paste, cream and so on.
1)Stainless rotary plate ,the material contact part is food grade 304 stainless steel. 2)Date printer,can print production date, production batch number, product shelf life, etc. 3)Automatically complete packaging procedures such as weighing, bag making, sealing, cutting, etc., which improves production efficiency and saves labor costs. It is especially suitable for mass production of materials in bags. 4)Touch screem,realize multi-language switching screen, simple and convenient operation, can understand the operation of the machine more clearly.
Application & Bag Type
K-301DAA packing machine is suitable for packing triangle bag product.
We also can customize bag type according to customer’s requirements.

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