Precision Power: High-Wattage CNC Fiber Laser Machines for Cutting and Engraving Carbon Steel

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Product Overview
ZhongLi Technology 3015-BD Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
3015-BD fiber laser cutting machine of ZhongLi technology, adopts full enclosed protective cover, which can prevent laser from hurting people. Also it equips with automatic dust collection system, the cutting dust can be filtered internally and discharged under certain standard, making the process more eco-friendly and no pollution. The front and back of the protective cover are equipped with built-in cameras, Intelligent monitoring system, real-time intelligent monitoring, reducing the incidence of accidents.metal protective cover, safe production.
Product Paramenters
Product Name
Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Product Model
Cutting Size
1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W 8000W 10000W 12000W 20000W
Max Moving Speed
Position Accuracy
Fiber Laser Source
Raycyus /Max/ IPG
Motor&Drivers Brand
Japanese Fuji/Yaskawa / Taiwan Delta
Cutting Head
Raytools / Precitec
Control System
Japanese Shimpo/ French Motovario/ Germany Neugart
Taiwan Hiwin
Taiwan YYC/APEX   Germany HERION,etc
Water chiller
Compatible Software
Support Graphic Format
Sample Display
Fiber Laser Cutting machine can cut many metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel,spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized plate, aluminized zinc plate, pickling plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plates and pipes
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine can be applied to various industries, such as sheet metal processing, such as sheet metal processing,aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway accessories, automobiles, grain machinery, textile machinery,engineering machinery, precision accessories, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tool processing, decoration, advertising, metal external processing, kitchenware processing, etc.
Product Quality
Hollow Design Stable & Strong Welded Steel Bed
It is a high efficiency fiber cutting machine for metal cutting. The machine adopts big thickness bed, which is processed with high temperature annealing and natural aging, the welding stress is eliminated, which can prevent the deformation of the bed , reduce vibration and guarantee a good cutting accuracy. The gantry is extruded with 4300 tons of pressure and processed by T6 heat treatment process. It has high strength and strong resistance to deformation. Our fiber laser cutter adopts Japan servo motor, German rack, automatic cutting head and other good quality parts, which can guarantee a super cutting performance.
The Third Generation Of Aviation Cast Aluminum Beam
Machine adopts aviation cast aluminum alloy beam, which is manufactured according to the aerospace standards and extruded with 4300 tons pressure. The beam is processed by T6 heat treatment which can make the beam obtain the highest strength and strong deformation resistance.
Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head
Laser head with automatic focus funtion, which can adjust the focus automatically, no need to adjust it by hand. The software can change the focusing lenses auotmatically according to the different thickness of the materials. It can shorten the perforation time,improve the perforation quality and cutting speed. It’s simple, convenient and fast.
Dual Working Table
Adopts high-speed parallel exchange table design, dual working table exchange at the same time, stable and reliable transmission mode.Fast, shorten the exchange time, save the loading and unloading auxiliary time. Exchange motor controlled by frequency converter,can finish the table exchange within 15S.
Smoke exhaust and dust removal, safety and environmental protection
The lower part of the cutting area is equipped with large-diameter partition dust removal, combined with strong converging exhaust system and follow-up dust removal design, which makes the dust removal more thorough, zero pollution and environmental protection.
Dust-proof Electrical Cabinet With Air Conditioner
We put all electrical components and laser source into the independent control box, it is dust proof which can guarantee the life span of the components.

Also we add the air conditioner on the control cabinets, which can keep the constant temperature automatically. It can prevent the high temperature damage for the components in summer.

Intelligent Software With Alarm Function
Adopts high definition toughened glass, intelligent touch, fast response and smoother operation. Ultra low power consumption and high resolution.
The new intelligent alarm system is pushed to the interface through the control center to find abnormalities in advance, quickly eliminate and feed back, reduce hidden dangers, and there is no danger in remote alarm operation.
Servo Motor & Drivers
High speed,high precision,high reliability,high power.Gantry double drive mechanism has high damping coefficient, good rigidity,could
withstand high speed and high acceleration.
Japan Shimpo reducer
High output torque with small rotation
clearance; PCS-2 standard configuration, efficiency up to 98%;
High gear meshing accuracy;
Germany rack
High transmission efficiency;
The transmission is sensitive and stable;High positioning accuracy;
Good accuracy retention;
High transmission rigidity;
Good synchronization performance
S&A or HanLi Water Chiller
Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
France Schneider electrical parts
Beside performance, Schneider Electric’s products contain certifications for standards from around the world, allowing you to build, ship and support the product anywhere.
Hiwin Linear Guide
Hiwin linear slide rails are four-row single arc-arc contact linear slides, and integrate heavy-duty precision linear slides with optimized structural design to improve load and rigidity compared with other linear slides;

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